Rebuilding Our Office

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A year ago we were forced to rebuild.

As most of you known, in July 2014, the office flooded.  The staff arrived to find 3 inches of water covering the office floor.  The hose that lead from the toilet shut off valve to the toilet tank had broken and water poured out all night long. 

We were fortunate to find a water abatement company that could immediately come over.  They vacuumed up all the water, tore out the floor coverings and cut away the bottom three feet of drywall where the water had soaked in, to allow the wood studs to dry out.  Giant fans and heaters were set up everywhere and shortly it felt as though you were in a Turkish bath, not that I've ever experience one first hand. 

It took almost a week to dry the place out and that's when the construction guys ran into their problem, asbestos, under the flooring.  In order to get it all out, all the floor cabinets in the treatment rooms would have to go along with the cabinets and staff seating areas in the reception area.  Worse, as they were all irregularly sized, they would have to be custom built.

The place quickly turned into Elliot's house from the movie E.T.  Plastic sheets everywhere, guys in white jump suits and masks, strange looking equipment.  Abatement took a week and by the time they left the floor looked as though someone had worked it over with a sledge hammer.

When it came to redesigning the office, the doctors who I'm sure you all know by now have different opinions on just about everything, made a smart decision, they decided that just one of us would take the lead, getting approval for things such as wall color, floor color etc.  Dr. Michael stepped up to the task and we think he did an admirable job. 

In the meantime, we crammed a staff of four into the doctors' office, along with computers, phone lines, a mobile air conditioner (it was hot, hot last summer) and plenty of water.  They did an admirable job rescheduling patients (as you know our hygiene schedule is booked months in advance) and farming out your dental emergencies to the other dentists and specialists who were kind enough to help us out.

It took nearly 3 months before we were able to see patients. Through it all, 99% of you stuck with us and for that we cannot thank you enough.  Our practice is what it is because of you.  All the doctors entered the health profession because they wanted to help people.  We could have easily become physicians or physical therapists or any other health field related professional.  It was the fact that we all liked using our hands and fiddling with tiny things as kids, that made dentistry the right fit.  Learning later on that the mouth was often the first area where disease presented itself and that the mouth was responsible for many of the diseases we face today, made what we do more important than giving you a great smile and making sure that nothing hurts.  I'm not going to bore you the diseases that mouth microorganisms cause/exacerbate in the body but leave you with one fact:- One of the 2 indicators that determine lifespan are whether or not you floss (those that do live longer) - the other, if you're interested, is tidal volume (the amount of air you can inhale and exhale into your lungs).

So thank you again for being our patients and May the Floss be with You.

Your Gentle Dentists - Dr. Simmons