Our Love of Dentistry

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In June this year, Dr. Louis finally retired.

 He first told Dr Michael and Gerald he was planning to retire in 1996 at the tender young age of 65.  It didn't happen.  Every year for the next 19 years they heard the same thing, "I'm going to retire this year.". Like the boy who cried wolf in the children's story, they didn't believe him when he told them again this time, expect, this time it was for real. 

 Both Dr. Michael and Gerald have to thank their father for his love of dentistry.  It was because he wanted a U.S. degree that they ended up living and staying in the U.S. (this was after he moved they to Canada from the U.K. for two years after getting his Canadian dental degree).

Dr. Louis worked as a dentist for 59 years.  From Devonshire place in London (which is to dentistry what Harley street is to physicians) where he treated many celebrities such as George Harrison of the Beatles, to Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills where he treated celebrities such as drummer Buddy Rich and Boxer Ken Norton (unfortunately HIPPA prevents us from revealing the many actors and celebrities still living ) to Palmdale, where he had the pleasure of getting to know you all.

 We don't know if it was because of genes that both Michael and Gerald became dentists (their mother's only brother was also a dentist) or because they spent so much time hanging around their father's practice.  Regardless, the bug bit and the bite lingers.

 Dr. Michael went on to get a fellowship in head and neck pain and is currently completing his masters degree in sleep medicine.  Because of his expertise he has written chapters in multiple textbooks and written for several dental journals.  He works 6 days a week and currently teaches at both USC and UCLA dental schools.  He is currently President of the San Fernando Valley Dental Society and has been voted one of the best dentists in the San Fernando Valley.  We're still trying to work out when he finds time to sleep! 

 Dr Gerald got into dentistry late compared to Dr,Louis and Michael.  Unlike the others, he completed his Bachelors and worked as a pharmacy technician for two years before entering dental school.  He is licensed to work in 20 countries in Europe and the Far East and currently writes for FDJ, the dental journal of the Royal College of Surgeons (UK) where he is known as "our man in America".  In his spare time, he writes novels.  His self help book "How I beat depression without drugs and you can too" will be available through Amazon later this year.

 Though we will all miss Dr. Louis, we know Drs Michael and Gerald will do a fine job filling his shoes.

 Your Gentle Dentists - Dr. Simmons