Why Do My Teeth Get Discolored?

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Why do my teeth get discolored?

     Tooth discoloration and staining can cause embarrassment and self-consciousness.  Though many causes of tooth discoloration are under your control, some are not.

 1.  Food and drinks:  Coffee, tea, red wine and spices tend to stain teeth, especially when sipped or eaten over a prolonged period.  Keeping regular teeth cleaning appointments followed with a tooth whitening procedure can help reverse these effects.

2.  Smoking/Tobacco: Smoking and chewing tobacco not only affect tooth color, they also have a negative effect on gum health, and breath.  Again regular teeth cleanings followed with tooth whitening can minimize the discoloring effects of smoking. 

3.  Dental Fillings - Metal fillings tend to breakdown at the edges and may reduce the transparence of tooth enamel.  Replacing metal fillings with tooth colored material or porcelain reverses these effects. 

4.  Age - Ultimately the natural aging process comes with tooth staining.  The outer tooth enamel wears down with time, causing teeth to appear more yellow.  Porcelain veneers or crowns replace that worn layer and restore the youthful glow of teeth.

5.  Chemicals and medications - During the tooth development of a child, certain antibiotics such as tetracycline, or excessive ingestion of fluoride can cause permanent tooth staining.  Though these stains cannot be cleaned or whitened, veneers or crowns can give the stained teeth a new face.

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