Rave Reviews

"I want to express how happy I am about the service I received from Dr. Gerard. I am glad to have finally found a dentist that cares about me and my teeth and not about my insurance. I have been to many dentists in the AV and they all want to do extensive work on me because I have great insurance. I don't have a cap on the amount of annual coverage. This unlimited amount of coverage makes all the dentists in the AV go crazy, but not Dr. Gerard. I love his attitude of "don't fix it unless it's broken."

It makes me feel valued as a patient and sends the message that he cares about me, not my insurance!! I thank him for caring about me. I recommend him to everyone!!"

Denise G.

"I appreciate your nice letter thanking me for giving a referral to your office.

Also, I thank you for the $25.00 credit to my account. I will be using that soon when I make an appointment for myself. My check up, cleaning and work to be done is long overdue, so this is a good reminder for me.

Thank you for being the kind of dental office that can be recommended to anyone and know that they will recieve excellent dental care.

C. Taylor"


"I came to your office not wanting to smile because I was not satisfied with the way my teeth looked. I am extremely pleased with my new appearance. My friends and students say I smile all the time now. The whole experience from start to finish was such a positive endeavor. Dr. Michael Simmons and his staff went out of their way to be gentle, kind, and positive. I give Dr. Michael Simmons and his staff my wholehearted recommendation without hesitation!"
-Ofelia Jaramillo


"I've had extensive work performed and I could not be more satisfied. The staff is terrific and caring. 2nd the doctor is highly skilled and genuinely concerned for the best result. Overall the best dental care I've ever received"
-Robert Holtz


"I search unsuccessfully for a long time until I found the Simmons Dental care services. I have always received first class compassionate dental services and I am happy to receive the best of care from Simmons Dental care. It is a highly qualified family dentistry with a long standing presence in Palmdale and the Antelope valley. I highly recommend this service to all."
-Paul Martin

"I've always said that even if I moved away I would still come back here for my dental treatments because they are great."
-Alice Apuan

"All of the staff members at Simmons Dental have made us feel comfortable and at ease with their calm, caring and patient service."
-Melinda Fluharty

"Simmons Family dental has provided professional and comfortable dental care. I used to be afraid to go to the dentist and now I feel confident and unafraid."
-Donna Voclker

"Wouldn't think about ever going someplace else"
-Sam Joseph


"My wife and I have been going to Dr. Louis since 1989. He has always taken care of our dental needs. Dr. Louis's gentle touch and ready smile ease all our concerns"
-Mark and Michelle Merrill


"We love Dr. Louis Simmons and his entire staff.. My two daughters and I had orthodontics done and he made us smile with the most beautiful smiles. Dr. Louis is amazing. I wouldn't go to any other dentist."
-Irma, Brittini and Courtney Clarke


"I have been going to Simmons dental care since 1992. In that time Dr. Michael and Dr. Gerald and staff have been so professional and personable that I would never go anywhere else. My husband now goes there and he has just the nicest things to say about them. My hygienist, Dr. Lee is wonderful and does an amazing job. After 17 years, I could never find a better family dentist"
-Gabe and Veronica Zamudio


"You guys are the greatest! Thank you for including me in the Simmons family album and website"
-Sharon Beaupre