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  • I'm having a hard time eating
  • I'm embarrassed to smile
  • I'm afraid of the dentist
  • Good Dental Health

    There is no way of getting around it... dentistry isn't cheap. But you don't have to go broke to get the smile you've always wanted. Almost daily, more and more evidence points to the critical, and potentially life-threatening, links between poor dental health and a slew of serious health conditions

    • Heart disease
    • Stroke
    • Alzheimer's; and
    • Diabetes.

    Poor dental health made all of these life threatening conditions worse. Rheumatoid arthritis is linked to diseased teeth and gums. Poor dental health of mothers appears to increase the incidence of low-birthweight babies. According to one source, people on average live 6.6 years longer when they have a healthy mouth! As a comparison, stopping smoking only yields a little over 5 years of increased longevity!

    So it isn't just about teeth anymore. It is about your health. It is about your life!

    Now for the good news... there are payment plans for the qualified that make the cost of this type of dental work... as virtually painless as the dental work itself.

    Here's the strange truth: It can be more expensive not to have a "million-dollar smile" than to go to the investment of getting one! Though it is difficult to put an exact monetary value on this kind of dental work, many of our patients tell us that it is worth many, many times what it costs.

    We've seen patients for whom we've "turned back the clock" get promoted... land the job of their dreams ...even find that special someone they've looked for all their lives. Suddenly they get noticed and people pay attention to them. Why?

    Because a smile is considered a reliable indicator of your sense of well-being. And it has an enormous effect on your health, self-esteem and general outlook.

    When you have an attractive smile, other people like you more. They are more eager to get to know you, be your friend or be in business with you.

    Don't you almost always remember someone with an especially attractive smile? If your answer is yes, you are a part of the 88% of America that remembers people with especially good-looking smiles. Conversely, nearly three-fourths of all Americans agree that an unattractive smile can seriously hurt a person's chance for financial and career success.

    The appearance of your teeth and your smile are more important than they were even just 10-15 years ago. Our society is very conscious about appearance and honestly... it forces all of us to pay
    attention to how our teeth look...more so than ever before.

    Imagine what it will be like when your pain and embarrassment turn into pride and prosperity!

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